Meet Ultra Lite Practitioner Lise Perry

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Dr. Lise Perry’s motivations for adopting the Ultra Lite program with her patients was purely scientific. With a background in medical research, biochemistry and cellular genetics, Lise has developed a logical and methodical approach to the health, wellness and weight loss industry.

Because of this, she’s helped thousands of people lose weight healthily while maintaining good bone and muscle mass. Alongside this, her clients have regained their self-confidence and their life back.


“I took on Ultra Lite because it’s evidence-based medicine. I like the scientific proof that it works. I like the fact that people can lose weight without feeling hungry and they lose body fat instead of losing muscle of bone. It’s a system that works,”

Says Lise

In 2005, Lise opened up Viva Wellness – a clinic dedicated to providing a healthy and natural alternative to surgery or injections when it comes to body shaping, countering and weight loss.

“I love it. It’s such a good program because it works so well with what we’re doing here. We don’t use medical interventions – everything here is relying on the body’s physiology to fix things. That’s why I like Ultra Lite. It’s natural, real food and the body is doing its own work,” Lise says.

Many of Lise’s clients are pre or postmenopausal. This means that their bodies are going through changes – their skin is becoming laxer, they’re becoming wider at the hips. Often their hormones are all over the place and out of balance. This can be detrimental to their own happiness.

“A lot of people come to me because they lack confidence. Their bodies aren’t the bodies they feel they should have,” says Lise. “They might come to do contouring to lose a bit of fat in one place, but we talk to them about losing general body fat with the Ultra Lite diet by identifying what the challenges are and how we can help them.”

Through ketosis, her clients restrict their intake of carbohydrates – particularly sugars and processed foods. This enables the body to learn or relearn how to burn fat as a source of energy.

“The body is so much happier using fat as energy rather than carbohydrates. People can lose weight consistently and quickly for the long-term. It also helps to balance hormones and control hunger. It stops the post-lunch dip, it helps with skin conditions, helps with bowel health and gut health – it’s a win-win all round,” Lise confirms.

Knowing that Ultra Lite was the right program for Lise became clear to her when a family member struggled with weight for years. “They were trying this diet and that diet and would lose weight, but then it would become back on again and again and they’d get larger every time.”

After seeing sheer unhappiness and disappointment of constant dieting failures, it was a ketogenic diet that saw her family member finally drop the weight and change her life.

“When I learnt about the keto diet, I thought, this makes absolute sense. We’re retraining the body to burn fat. We’re not relying on cutting calories. I’ve had people who have gone on diets and they’ve been miserable and starving. With this diet, they just don’t feel hungry,  and that’s so important,”

Says Lise

While Lise isn’t looking to lose weight, she follows a ketogenic diet because the low-carbohydrate meals help her feel so much better and have more focus throughout out the day.

At her studio, she can’t get enough of witnessing the transformational experiences of her clients who adopt a ketogenic program. One of the most powerful parts of the experience is when her clients see a change in their metabolic age.

“We use body composition scales, where we put a microcurrent through the body and the electric resistance demonstrates how much fat is in each part of the body and gives a metabolic age,” says Lise. When her clients see that they have a metabolic age that is considerably more than their chronological age, that’s when they realise they have to start doing something about it.

“When a lot of people go on the ketogenic diet and see that their metabolic age is going down, that’s years of life that they’re actually adding and that’s really powerful.”

And just through word of mouth, Lise’s business has been thriving. “Ultra Lite really compliments what we do. So, body shaping clients might go on Ultra Lite, and the Ultra Lite clients might go onto body contouring, so they work well together. Particularly when they’ve lost weight and want to tighten up their skin, or if they want to get rid of excess fluid at the start. It all works synergistically. It’s just so straight forward and not complicated. We’re talking about eating real food.” 

You can see your life completely transform on the ketogenic program which has helped more than 500,000 people not only lose weight but improved their health and happiness.