Meet Ultra Lite Practitioner Lynn Riedel

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Lynn Riedel has plenty of stories to share about the transformational effects of the Ultra Lite Program. For more than 20 years, the Naturopath and Ultra Lite practitioner has helped thousands of people take control of their lifestyle and happiness, improving their health for the long-term.

Lynn’s mantra is this: eat well and you will think well. She believes that so many of us who strive for happiness often look for it outside of ourselves. But in reality, it comes from inside us.

And while many specialists will focus on the neurological aspect of mental health alone, Lynn focuses on both mind and body and how they interact with and impact each other. Lynn’s clients reap the benefits of a complete mental and physical lifestyle change made possible by the Ultra Lite program and her continued support.

“The body has a magnificent way of healing itself,” says Lynn. “If you put good food in there and give the body all the nutrients it needs but also be mindful and manage stress, then things will fall into place very nicely.”

According to Lynn, long-dated traditions call the body a ‘food-body’. Thinking logically, that’s all our bodies are – just the foods that we put into it. “If you put good, fresh, food into the body, it will be transformed into what it should be,” says Lynn.

She sees the world epidemic of obesity as an urgent matter and believes there is a significant lack of awareness around the connection between the body and the mind.


““I just love it when people go on this program because everybody has more energy, their gut symptoms settle down, they sleep better, they think better, their mood improves, their cholesterol goes down, their blood pressure goes down – there’s just so many good effects."

Says Lynn


“Our eating habits have changed dramatically. We have the capacity to eat so much wonderful fresh food in Australia, but people are so time poor that they don’t put the effort into preparing the meals that are good and nourishing for their body.”

All you have to do is walk into a shopping centre and see what Lynn likes to call, ‘non-food food’ and recognise the fast foods, drugs and quick fixes people seek. But Lynn helps her clients understand that the fresh, nutritious food found eaten on the ketogenic diet through the Ultra Lite program can offer the same fixes we seek, whilst also drastically improving the long-term wellbeing of the body.

“These days, we eat a lot of high-carbohydrate meals and that drives insulin resistance. The flow-on effect of having high insulin in your system is that it causes your body to release a whole lot of chemicals. One of them is inflammatory hormones, another is vasoconstrictors which are hormones that make your blood vessels tight and give you high blood pressure.

All the inflammatory diseases, as well as conditions like cancer, drive high inflammation. With this program, you can actually switch off those inflammatory hormones just by reducing the amount of carbohydrates you put in your body,” Lynn says.

This, says Lynn, is how you can use food as a drug. “If you know how the food you eat will impact your pancreas and what hormones will be released, then you can really start using food as medicine.”

A high-protein breakfast, for example, with minimum carbohydrates, will drive down inflammation, tell your blood vessels to relax and improve your overall health for the day – just from that one simple change in the morning. Seeing her clients witness drastic improvements in their physical and mental wellbeing is incredibly rewarding for Lynn.

“I just love it when people go on this program because everybody has more energy, their gut symptoms settle down, they sleep better, they think better, their mood improves, their cholesterol goes down, their blood pressure goes down – there’s just so many good effects,” she says.

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One of Lynn’s clients was struggling with arthritis to the point she couldn’t sleep due to severe pain. She knew she needed a knee replacement but didn’t want to take that road. When she arrived in Lynn’s waiting room, she was hobbling and struggled to get out of her seat.

But by the end of the 5-week program, she was getting up and walking down the corridor and looked like a totally new person.

“She was so thrilled with the program. And I see this happen with so many people. Generally, people feel like they’re in control again. They get educated and have an understanding of what’s happening with their body.

Ultra Lite has been the basis of my business from the very start. I think it’s so important for people to embark on a program like this that’s nutritionally balanced to get into good eating, shopping and cooking patterns. There’s so many diets out there but they often do more harm than good,” says Lynn.

“The beautiful thing with the Ultra Lite program is that it forms the basis of a really good maintenance program so all that needs to happen once people lose weight is to expand it out and introduce a wide variety of foods to eat.”

Says Lynn


Lynn Riedel is an Ultra Lite Practitioner located in Gilberton, South Australia.
To find out more about Lynn and get in touch with her about the Ultra Lite program, Visit her profile on our website.