Finally You Can Reach Your Weight-loss Goals With Australia’s Longest-
Running And Most Successful Ketogenic Weight-loss Program

Whatever Your Reason, The Ultra Lite Ketogenic Weight Loss Program offers a structured and easy to follow diet system,
which will not only satisfy your cravings, and curb your appetite, but will also help you to Lose weight fast and improve your health.

What Is The No.1 Thing That Stops You From Succeeding On a Ketogenic Diet?


We have a proven method to OVERCOME those pesky carb and sugar cravings that has successfully helped people on our program for over 20 years!

This method combines not only whole foods, but supplements that contain the necessary amino acids and nutrients to help you stay in  ketosis and keep you feeling fuller for longer, preventing the urge to binge and helping you stick to your health goals long-term.

You might think, how is that possible? We are surrounded by carbs every day, even the thought of giving up bread and pasta seems almost impossible!
This is because the processed carbohydrates we consume are addictive and our brains are hard-wired to crave them! consuming sugar has even been found to create similar effects on the brain as stimulant drugs.

You might of grown up being taught that glucose is necessary energy production, Well studies have shown that this is in fact NOT TRUE!
in actual fact, WE DON’T need glucose as our main source of energy and our Brains have even been shown to prefer KETONES as their main source of energy over Glucose, making a ketogenic diet the best way of life for whole-body wellness.

On Ultra Lite, you can optimise your body to utilise its own fat for fuel and create long lasting energy. This will help you feel better than you’ve ever felt before, and also motivate you to make necessary long-term changes in your life to benefit you for YEARS to come!

By combining a whole food clean Keto diet, with our delicious sachets and supplements you can curb those carb and sugar cravings once and for all!

How long does the challenge go for?

6 weeks.






Current Clients


Successful Clients

Meet Sue, Winner of Our Last 6 Week Challenge!

“Yo-yo dieting for a long time has not been kind on my body. When the six week challenge was announced I knew I had to join. Within a week I was sleeping better and had more energy. The recipes were easy to follow and tasty with everyday ingredients.

I would recommend this “clean Keto” program to anyone who wants to, not only lose weight but improve their health. The team are there to offer advice and support when I needed it and the private Facebook community was a safe place to ask questions and get encouragement from other participants.

A huge thank you to the Ultralite team!”

“Ultra Lite gave me a program that was easy to follow using real foods. They provided set menu plans which were easy to prepare and surprisingly delicious and filling. The sachets in the early weeks of the challenge really helped satisfy hunger between meals.
The support from the team by way of webinars was also very helpful. I am hopeful that I can continue on the path to a healthier lifestyle with lessons I’ve learned on the Ultra Lite program.”

Joel, Winner of 6 Week Challenge May 2020

“I had lost 22 kg after the first 10 weeks and after 16 weeks now I’m at my goal weight of 105kg. (27kg loss) The main thing that I cannot stress enough to people that say how fantastic I look is that I have so much more energy than ever before and that nothing is too hard for me.”

Brett, UL Client

I had tried to lose weight for a number of years, trying injections, shakes, pills etc and nothing worked. Even going to the gym every day didn’t help. I finally got sick of looking at myself so overweight and finding it hard to even do up my shoe laces. I had done Ultralite before many years ago and it really worked then, It’s so much better now, better food and recipes which I love. Keto works really well for me. I started at 90Kgs and currently at 80. I have so much more energy now as well. My husband is amazed that I eat so much food but still lose weight.”

Vicki, Previous Challenge Participant


You can now be supported online each week from the comfort of your own home throughout our 6 week challenge with a trained Ultra Lite Practitioner.

Long Term Benefits of the Ultra Lite Program

  • Provides flexibility of food choice
  • Prevents cravings and hunger
  • Is easy to stick to
  • Gives quick results that you will see from day 1!
  • Provides long term health benefits
  • Creates a feeling of wellness and vitality
  • Will educate you and transform your life!

Weight Loss

Have More Energy


Balance Your Mood

What’s Included

6 Week Meal Plan + Shopping lists! (Worth $39)

Yes! that’s Right, we’ve put together 42 days of meal plans for you to follow. We have done half the work for you, so you don’t even have to think, just head to the shops each week and start PREPPING!

  • Vegetarian and meat-eaters meal plans available with carbs and protein calculated for men and women
  • Options to alter each recipe for dairy-free options
  • And you can even swap the recipes over with any of our tasty clean Keto recipes on our Website

All-Access Membership to Ultra Lite Website

You Gain Access to a library of over 200 delicious and nutritious Ketogenic recipes, exclusively to Ultra Lite clients!

  • Each recipe contains less than 7 ingredients, easily found in your supermarket
  • They are easy to prepare, cheap to buy and tried and tested by 1,000s of our past clients
  • You will love our Mediterranean chicken, Keto Cauliflower Pizza, eggplant lasagne, Breakfast Hash, and Hidden Greens Smoothie!
  • Satisfying and perfect for beating those mid-afternoon hunger pangs!

Products and Supplements (worth $500)

You receive 6 weeks worth of our specially formulated and delicious Ultra Lite Sachets in 6 flavours:

  • Vanilla
  • Chocolate
  • Strawberry
  • Banana
  • Coffee
  • Chicken

These contain a balanced amount of amino acids and nutrients to not only help you stay in ketosis but to also curb those CRAVINGS!

By having these in between meals each day, you can feel fuller for longer and help satisfy that sweet tooth

Access to Ultra Lite Challenge FB Group

Weekly Emails with Tips and Hints for Success

Weekly Workout Plans with videos!

+ Bonus Keto Pancakes & Snack ebook (worth $29)

Our 6 Week Keto Transformation Challenge is YOUR solution to finally get in control of your weight & health!!!


 ✅ 6 Week Meal Plan + Shopping lists! (Worth $49)
 ✅ All-Access Membership to Ultra Lite Website
 ✅ Products and Supplements (worth $500)
 ✅ Access to Ultra Lite Challenge FB Group
✅ Weekly Workout Plans with videos!
 ✅ Weekly Emails with Tips and Hints for Success

✚ BONUS: Qetoe Ketone monitor and Web App to track your levels
✚ BONUS: Keto Pancakes & Snack ebook (worth $29)

+ opportunity to win it back & be featured on our social media!!


You can have all the above +

✅ Your Own Virtual Practitioner
✅ 3 x 15 min calls with your practitioner
✅ Weekly text and email support


+ This can be rebated through your private health provider

Qetoe Ketone Tracker (Worth $125)

The Qetoe monitor tells you exactly when you are in the Ketosis Fat Burning Zone.
✅ No more guess work to get into Ketosis.
✅ You will know exactly if you are in the Ketosis 🔥🔥🔥 fat burn zone everytime.
✅ No more expensive blood strips. Save loads of money!
✅ No more bruised fingers.
✅ No more peeing on strips.
✅ You just blow into it and you get your results!

+ Access to a Brand New Web App

Tracks your weight loss and daily ketone levels!

Can’t believe how much energy i have! loving the recipes!


Vicki Brownsdon

Previous 6 week challenger

Wow what a great program 4 kg down and 8 cm lost and in ketosis since wednesday


Julie Ryan

Week 2 of the challenge


Will I be hungry?

No, you shouldn’t be hungry when on the Ultra Lite 6 week challenge. We provide you with 4 sachets a day to drink in between meals to stop snacking and help you to feel fuller for longer. By entering Ketosis naturally, the body will burn fat stores, reducing the need to eat food for energy.

What is in the sachets? do I really need to take them?

The Ultra Lite Sachets we provide you with are not a meal replacement but are to help keep you feeling satisfied between meals. Each Sachet contains vitamins, minerals and amino acids (protein). Each sachet is approximately equivalent to a glass of whole milk without the fat and lactose content. They are there to maintain blood sugar levels and alleviate cravings.

Is it safe to lose weight quickly?

By losing weight through Natural Ketosis, your metabolism will control the rate of your weight loss and will not let you lose more than what your body can handle.

I have allergies, can I take the sachets?

All of our sachets are Gluten Free (except for our Chicken Sachets at the moment), contain minimal lactose and a whey protein, making them suitable for most people to be able to consume the sachets. If you have allergy concerns, please speak to us before starting the challenge.

Do I have to exercise to lose weight on Ultra Lite?

While exercise is good for you, it is not compulsory to exercise while completing the challenge. The results that people achieve on Ultra Lite are results from the diet alone, not from exercise. We, however, you will be given short 30 min exercise regimes each week of the challenge to remain active and also increase your weight loss results.

Is Ketosis safe?

On the Ultra Lite program, the body Natural enters a state of dietary ketosis. This is a natural, safe and effective method of losing weight. When the body is in ketosis, you will not feel hungry, as the body will be burning stored fat for energy, requiring less food.

I’m pregnant, can I do Ultra Lite?

Firstly, congratulations! Keto is not recommended to pregnant women as their dietary requirements are different while pregnant. It is recommended that pregnant women wait until after giving birth and once they’ve finished breastfeeding to commence a Ketogenic diet.

I’m breastfeeding, can I do Ultra Lite?

No. Breastfeeding women have different dietary requirements and going on a Keto diet can affect both milk quality and milk supply. It is recommended that women wait until after breastfeeding to commence a Ketogenic diet.

How is this Challenge different from the Ultra Lite Program?

This 6 Week challenge is a reduced version of the regular 5 and 10 week Ultra Lite programs offered by Trained Ultra Lite Practitioners. When completing a 5 or 10 week program with a Practitioner, you have weekly in person 1:1 sessions and support, with the program specifically tailored for you. Plus, you get to keep the recipe book after completing the program. The 6 week challenge is available for a reduced rate to the normal program because it is all online and does not involve weekly 1:1 sessions with a practitioner to alter the program specifically for you.

What Prizes are available in the Challenge?

There will be weekly prizes drawn each week of the program, with these prizes to be announced each week. The overall prize for the challenge is the winner of the challenge will WIN BACK the cost of the challenge itself! That’s $450.00 back to you for winning the Ultra Lite 6 week challenge, plus of course bragging rights! Both 2nd and 3rd place will win a free membership to the Ultra Lite Membership area of our website for 6 months, to have continued access to the recipes and materials exclusively available to members.

Can I get a refund if I can’t complete the challenge?

If prior to the commencement of the challenge, you have a medical reason which will prevent you from completing the challenge, you will be entitled to a full refund before the challenge pack is posted. No refunds will be provided after the Challenge packs have been posted to participants.

What if I need more support?

If, during the challenge you think you’d benefit from some additional support from your local Ultra Lite practitioner, or one of our expert practitioners, you can book in for a paid 1:1 session for additional support and guidance.

I have a medical condition, is it safe for me to do the challenge?

The Ultra Lite challenge is safe for most medical conditions, however prior to the challenge commencing, everyone will be required to complete a form, which includes medical history. If you have any medical conditions, a free 1:1 session with a trained Ultra Lite Professional will be booked, providing you with advice and assistance, and information on how to tailor the program to suit your medical needs.

What if I don’t complete the challenge?

You only get out what you put in. Ultimately, if you do not finish the challenge, the only person you are letting down, is yourself. The challenge has been set up to provide you with support and a community of like-minded people throught he 6 weeks, with opportunities to learn and understand more about your body and treating food as fuel. Keto will make you feel better, improve your mood, provide clarity, reduce brain fog, clear your skin, and many more benefits. If through the program you are struggling with motivation to continue, we will have opportunities to purchase additional 1:1 sessions with Ultra Lite professionals to provide you with additional support and advice.

Do I need to go anywhere for this challenge?

No! This challenge has been set up online so that you can complete the challenge from anywhere in Australia! You do not need to go to see an Ultra Lite Practitioner in person unless you would like to as an add on to the challenge itself. All products related to the challenge will be posted to you a week before the challenge commences.

When does the challenge start?

27th July 2020.

How will the winners of the weekly prizes and overall challenge be announced?

There will be a leaderboard in the closed Facebook group for challenge participants and weekly emails with winner announcements.

How to I sign up?

Scroll up to click on the link to purchase the 6 week challenge.

I’m not sure if this is for me

If you’re unsure, why not try our 7 Day Meal Plan for $7 instead and trial Keto for a week before signing up to the challenge. There is a link above to the 7 Day Meal plan.

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