4 cheap and healthy ideas for valentines day
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It’s Valentine’s Day tomorrow. Some spend it by showering a special someone with gifts; others choose to have a low-key night at home. Some, don’t celebrate it at all. This day is different for everyone.

However, regardless of what you do on this day, you can’t help but acknowledge the positive theme of Valentine’s Day – love. It’s all about sharing the love! And guess what… You can share the love with anyone (even yourself).

If you choose to do something special tomorrow, here are a few activities and ideas to try:

1. Take a minute to smell the roses

The Australian Health Guidelines recommend that the average adult accumulates 150 – 300 minutes (2.5 – 5 hours) of moderate intensity physical activity or 75 -150 minutes (1.25 – 2.5 hours) of vigorous intensity physical activity each week. Tomorrow, why don’t you change your walking route and follow a path that has some flowers along the way and take in the beautiful smells around you. You can do this with your partner too.Going for a walk with a partner can be very beneficial to a healthy relationship. According to certain studies (Stel and Vonk, 2010), exercising with a partner or coordinating your actions helps people to feel emotionally attuned with one another. Those that experience this coordination or ‘mimicry’ reported they felt they had a stronger emotional ‘bond’ with their significant other.

Smell the Flowers

2. Organise a picnic dinner

Picnics are fun for everyone. You can take the whole family, choose what you eat and enjoy nature.  Choosing your own food is especially great for those of us on the Ultra Lite program. It means you will be able to stick to your plan with no worries. We suggest taking a salad, like our Thai Noodle Salad. Or you can take a platter of keto-friendly snacks.

Thai Noodle Salad

3. Write a love letter to yourself

This letter should state what you love about you! According to Better Health Channel, the daily practice of self-love is one of the easiest ways to help strengthen your mental health. Therefore, why not take five minutes tomorrow and practice a bit of self-love!

4. Ask a loved one, family member or friend to make you a keto-friendly dinner

It would be nice to have a surprise dinner prepared for you… But if this is not 100% guaranteed, there is no harm in suggesting to someone how lovely it would be if they could take the reigns on dinner tomorrow. You could even give them your Ultra Lite recipe book. Just be prepared for different outcomes (especially if you have suggested this idea to your kids).

There you have it, that’s our few simple ways to share a little love tomorrow!
One final tip – share this article with your social network to give them an extra hint ;).

Happy Valentine’s Day for tomorrow, from us to you!


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