Christmas Keto Desserts

For some, Christmas can be a challenging time of year when all the desserts come out and temptation reigns.

Holiday periods can be make or break for many on their weight loss journey, but we have the answer…
Keto Desserts!

5 Keto Desserts that will be Christmas favourites for your family and friends this year. No one will believe you when you tell them the tasty treats are low carb, gluten free, AND sugar free! 

1. Berry Keto Trifle

A berry delicious Trifle perfect for your Christmas dessert! With decadent layers of keto sponge cake, custard and strawberry jelly, topped with cream and in-season berries, your loved ones won’t even know its keto and will want this dessert all year round.

2. Sugar Free Peanut Brittle 

Our buttery Peanut Brittle is the perfect keto friendly snack when you feel like something sweet and salty. Did we mention that it’s sugar free!

3. Keto Rocky Road

Deliciously rich and creamy, this melt-in-your mouth rocky road will be a family hit this Christmas. Hardly anyone will realise it’s sugar free and under 1g of carb per serve!

4. Keto Marshmallows

Have yourselves a sweet little treat with our homemade sugar-free Keto Marshmallows. Delicious addition to rocky road or your winter hot chocolates.

5. Christmas Pancakes

Lastly, who doesn’t love Pancakes! 
Our Ultra Lite Keto Pancakes are delicious, quick and easy Christmas dessert (or breakfast!)

Ge the kids involved and have some fun making these Christmas inspired pancake designs below.   


Jolly Santa is made using 2 keto pancakes, 30g of raspberries, 2 blueberries for eyes and a whipped cream hat and beard.


Festive Rudolph! 2 Keto pancakes with 1 rasher of bacon for antlers, blueberry eyes and a raspberry for his shiny red nose. Cut the second pancake into shape to make ears and a nose base for everyone’s favourite reindeer. 

Gingerbread Men

The cutest little Gingerbread Men and Women! Made so easily with 2 pancakes, once cooked, use a cookie cutter for the gingerbread shape, then use the offcuts as the ground. Add 60g strawberries and whipped cream for decoration, and sprinkle with desiccated coconut for snow. 

We used the Ultra Lite Pancake mix to make these yummy treats.

Wishing You A Merry Christmas 

Christmas time doesn’t need to be a stressful on due to all the temptations of the season.

You can still enjoy delicious, healthy, festive foods that won’t leave you feeling like you’ve missed out on the Christmas treats!

We hope you enjoy our collection of Keto Desserts for Christmas. Let us know which recipes are your favourite! Don’t forget to share your UL Christmas desserts and tag @ultraliteprogram. 

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