Meet Linda from Melbourne Naturopathy

Meet Linda from Melbourne Naturopathy

Meet Linda, Naturopath, Ultra Lite Practitioner and owner of Melbourne Naturopathy.

We spoke to Linda to find out more about her passion for naturopathy and how the Ultra Lite program fits with her practice, Melbourne Naturopathy and helps her achieve her practice goal of helping her clients regain control of their health and well being.

Why did you get into the health industry?
I have always had an interest in health and wellbeing. Initially, I began working as a Medical Scientist in a laboratory. However, I soon realised that I wanted to direct my energy to help other people achieve maximum health and wellbeing. Another Scientist I knew became a Naturopath, so I began to find out more about what was involved in this profession. After visiting the Naturopath myself, I was impressed and fascinated by what you can accomplish. Thus, I enrolled myself at a Naturopath College, started the course and loved it! The new direction I had taken changed my life. I knew naturopathy was where I wanted to be. In 2001, I began my career as a fully qualified Naturopath and Remedial Massage Therapist.  Ever since, I have been helping patients achieve their health goals, through one on one support. Together with my clients, I ensure we address underlying issues and work towards solutions. Naturopathy has become my passion and way of life.

How did you get your position today?
I have always worked for myself as a Naturopath, either working from home or renting rooms in various clinics. After establishing myself, I found I became busier and decided to branch out by opening my own clinic. Finally, I settled in 2012, opening ‘Melbourne Naturopathy’ in Thornbury, Victoria.

Why did you choose the Ultra Lite program for your business?
I have many loyal patients, who strive to achieve good health and wellbeing, and I love what I do – I thrive on helping others.  Therefore, I always try products or programs before I implement them in my practice and offer them to my clients. Thus, before introducing the Ultra Lite program, I decided to do it myself.  I lost weight, didn’t feel hungry and had lots of energy. I achieved excellent results by the end of the program. You have a variety of foods to choose from too. You’ll never get bored, and you’re always motivated. Not only do you get an excellent choice in food, but the program is also easy to follow, educates you about portion size, the importance of regular meals and making the right decisions to help you achieve your goals

What is one of the most memorable moments working with Ultra Lite? When you work in this industry, you make so many incredible memories. It’s incredibly rewarding watching patients regain control of their lives, achieve their desired weight and meet their health goals. One of my clients was in her 60’s and had been overweight for more than 20 years. No matter what she tried, she was unable to lose weight, so she became very depressed. On top of this, she suffered from severe IBS. After going on the Ultra Lite Weight Loss Program, she was able to drop 15kgs, her IBS calmed down, and she felt healthier than ever. Her efforts were incredible and her story – simply inspiring.

If you could give one piece of advice to someone looking to better their health, what would it be?
It is crucial that your primary goal is focussing on your general health and wellbeing. Weight loss is not just about looking good but improving your health and lifestyle choices to make you feel better.

Adapting your mind and habits takes time, so you need to be patient and be willing to make changes that will benefit you in the long term to achieve your ultimate goals. Don’t give up and educate yourself on why you need to make changes.

Meet Ultra Lite Practitioner Linda

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