Start Your New Year Right with Keto
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Well you’ve made it through Christmas at least! Now to deal with those feelings of sluggishness and fatigue, which I call the ‘food hangover.’
If you’re like me and desperately want to start feeling lighter, more clear-headed and full of energy so you can jump straight into those New Years Resolutions!
Then starting your 2019 with the Ketogenic Diet, is the best place to start!

How does the Ketogenic Diet work?

If carbohydrates are restricted for a period of time (i.e. longer than three days), the body increases its ketone levels. Ketones are three water-soluble molecules that are produced by the liver. When we limit carbohydrates in our diet, the body starts to look for other energy sources, by creating ketones from our stored fat!

– So you literally chew through your own fat stores for energy (get ready to fit into that bikini ladies!)

What are the Benefits? 

Being in a state of ketosis can deliver so many positive effects throughout the body, not just shedding those few extra kilos!
But only if it is done it correctly with a Nutritionally balance Ketogenic diet program such as Ultra Lite can you reap the full benefits such as:

• Maintaining a healthy blood sugar level (no crashes after sugar highs)!

• Providing your body with proteins and healthy (essential) fats and oils supporting fat conversion into fuel for the body to burn.

• Feeling clearheaded, and focused while fueling your brain with ketones

• Avoid the ‘Keto flu’ that is so common for many starting out on high fat based ketogenic diets.

• Promote body muscle growth with quality protein intake by providing essential fatty acids through fat & oil consumption for an energy source

• It supports hormone production, healthy skin, liver and gallbladder function.

• But most importantly you just feel better eating healthy, wholesome, live & unprocessed foods

5 Steps to Starting Keto the Right Way:

1 – First, ask yourself this question:  Why do you want to start a ketogenic diet?

– Do you want weight loss, energy gain, a better medical report?
Or is there something even deeper that you’re looking for? Perhaps you want to be able to run around with your kids or grandkids (or even your dog)? Or maybe you fear you won’t have enough time left to do all the things you’ve wanted to do in life? Or maybe you’re just tired of feeling like your mind and body are just not functioning at their best?

2 – Pick a non-stressful week to start your keto diet. 

(Or month – January works great) Or just clear your schedule. Tell your friends and family what you’re doing and get them to help you out. Explain to them how important this is for you and ask them to support you instead of judge you for your choices. Some may even wish to join once they start to see the changes in you!

3 – Clean out your refrigerator and pantry.

Open your kitchen cupboards get rid of all all non-keto foods (or at least place them in hard to reach places), this is an important step as avoiding the temptation there can be harder then you think! it also helps you to realize which foods are preventing you from reaching your health goals!

Here is a good guide for non-keto foods.

Ultra Lite Keto Food Pyramid

4 – Remember to take care of yourself in other ways, too

If you’re looking to start your new year off right, you need to take care of yourself. Though diet is important! you also need to look at balancing all aspects of your life,
– make sure you’re getting the right amount of sleep
– managing your stress levels (we all need some downtime!)
– make time for exercise in your week

Combining these with a Ketogenic Diet such as Ultra LIte and you’ll give yourself the best chance of supporting your health so that you’re looking and feeling great this year.

5 – Find an Ultra Lite practitioner near YOU 

Jump onto and find an Ultra Lite practitioner close to you, because we all need that extra advice and support when starting out something for the first time! They’re here to direct you how to
• Test for ketones
• Manage your food intake
• Record your eating habits and guide you on changes which need to be made

If you monitor progress throughout your journey, you obtain the best results for you.
There is a lot of different advice and programs out on offer on the world wide web, most do not offer the one-on-one support Ultra Lite does, so be careful when deciding how you begin your journey.

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