Why Practitioners Are So Important On The Keto Weight Loss Journey

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It has become very obvious in the world of the Ketogenic Diet, that there is a great need for a coach, a mentor, someone to be accountable to when starting out on a Keto diet for weight loss.


Commencing on a Keto diet can be fraught with difficulty, finding the right formula that works for you can be challenging.


There is so much information out there, but no real support and many people are falling into the trap of choosing a very high fat diet known as dirty Keto, which can cause other health concerns like Keto flu, high cholesterol, feeling lethargy and feeling hungry more often.


The key to getting into Ketosis, avoiding the Keto flu and other health concerns, is to make sure you’re on a clean Keto diet. Clean Keto takes discipline, it takes effort and it takes a structured program to follow.


For over 20 years, Ultra Lite Practitioners have provided one on one support for people who want to lose weight and follow a clean Keto diet, resulting in long term weight loss success.


One of the benefits of having an Ultra Lite Practitioner to support you on your weight loss journey is being able to report back to your Practitioner every week to help you stay on track.


When starting out on Keto, many people who do it alone find the hardest part is understanding and figuring out what portion control means, deciphering the carbs and proteins in each meal and understanding what foods they should avoid.


Ultra Lite Practitioners have been trained on what a Clean Keto diet should look like and have a sound understanding of what you can and can’t eat, but they can also support you when you have gone off track or when your weight loss plateaus, to help you get back on track.


Having someone to check in with every week, talk through meal plans, celebrate successes with and to talk about challenges, can make all the difference to your success on a Keto diet and adopting the Clean Keto lifestyle.


Many of our Ultra Lite Practitioners have been helping people lose weight on Ketogenic diet for 20 years, so the wealth of knowledge you have access to when changing your diet from a regular western diet to a clean Keto diet is pivotal to your weight loss success.


The key to the Ketogenic diet is to have success early and to maintain that. This is where an Ultra Lite Practitioner can be a great help.


Using sachets as a meal replacement to enter Ketosis provides a false sense of weight loss success, as people look to the product as a solution, instead of looking at food consumption to enter Ketosis naturally. This is where an Ultra Lite Practitioner can help.


Real motivation isn’t just cliched sayings and memes, real motivation is about remembering the reasons for choosing the direction of your life. When you lose site of that, an Ultra Lite practitioner is invaluable to help you remember and get back on track.


Get regular support, researched meal plans, years of training and research, and accountability with an Ultra Lite Practitioner.  


We hear from so many people who have started their Ketogenic diet journey only to be overwhelmed with the conflicting information and lack of easy to follow directions and meal plans. An Ultra Lite Practitioner provides clarity and technical expertise, ensuring your success with Keto.


A trained Practitioner is especially important if you have any health concerns or dietary requirements, ensuring your meal plan is tailored to your needs and additional advise and support around supplements to support you while your body naturally goes into Ketosis.


Although you can lose weight and enter Ketosis while eating a dirty Keto diet, this is not sustainable, and can increase your susceptibility to a range of health issues especially if there are pre-existing health issues.  Achieve your weight loss goals on a clean Ketogenic diet with the support of an Ultra Lite Practitioner, that you can adapt for a lifetime of success.


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