Zucchini Pasta
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So, you’ve grown to love the comforting feeling of pasta. A big, homely, warm bowl of pasta. And, you’re thinking ‘why would I ever bother swapping to zucchini based pasta?’ Surely, there’s no way that Zucchini Pasta could compare to my hearty bowl of traditional pasta. And, to be honest, you’re probably right. You can’t compare the two.

Zucchini pasta is light, not heavy. It’s vegetable based, not a refined grain. And, it’s jam-packed with unique health benefits – benefits that simply blow traditional pasta out of the (boiling) water. So yes, actually, you can’t compare them.

If we haven’t already convinced you then here are some more reasons as to why you should try zucchini pasta next time you’re feeling like Italian.

Wheat based pasta makes you crave more food whereas zucchini pasta doesn’t.

According to Mayo Clinic, when you consume refined carbohydrates such as white flour pasta, white bread or white rice, your body begins the cycle of food craving.


The cycle of carb cravings Because pasta is so refined your body digests these carbs quickly, meaning your body:
A) Receives a sudden spike of sugar in the bloodstream

B) Releases extra insulin to rebalance your blood sugar levels. And when your body releases too much insulin, your blood sugar levels can fall below average.

C). When your body is low in blood sugar, you begin craving carbohydrates. Thus, the cycle of food craving begins again.  So, if you’re looking to cut your food cravings, zucchini pasta is a great option.

Zucchini has a ton of nutritional benefits

Thanks to the make-up of zucchini – high in fibre, high water content, low in carbohydrates and low in unhealthy fats – it promotes weight loss. It has a total of 60g per portion size, and only 1g of carbs in each serve meaning you can eat a serving of zucchini and feel full (just as you would with wheat pasta). As well as this, according to Organic Facts, and Mercola Food Facts, Zucchini also has the following health benefits:
– More potassium than a banana
– Zucchini is rich in vitamins, folate, B6, B1, B2, B3, and choline and it also contains beneficial minerals such as magnesium and zinc
– It has a high level of Vitamin C (28%), helping your cell development and protecting you from certain diseases such as colon cancer.

You can grow it yourself 

Firstly, zucchini is incredibly easy to grow in summer and a fun cost-effective alternative to sourcing your veggies from the supermarket. Secondly, you can teach the family or yourself a new skill and thirdly, home-grown is almost always more tasty than purchased veggies – because of all the love you’ve put into those little suckers!

Pasta is all about the sauce anyway 

Let’s be honest; the pasta sauce makes your dish. The sauce is where your herbs, flavours and the fun comes in. With zucchini pasta, you can still have your basil pesto, classic bolognese or even a ‘cream’ based sauce using ricotta. 

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Zucchini Noodles with Creamy Avocado Pesto
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