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Doreen Schwegler

Hello, my name is Doreen. I have been an avid Ultra Lite advocate since it first became available in Melbourne because I saw from the outset that the Ultra Lite program provides a clear, accountable and effective way to achieve optimal weight loss for my clients.

I enjoy helping clients lose weight on the Ultra Lite program, as it comes with comprehensive notes, great recipes, and weekly appointments with myself to keep clients on track.

Clients that I've assisted with their weight loss journey through Ultra Lite typically lose 2.5-5 kg in the first week, then 1-2 kg per week thereafter.


Doreen is an experienced Ultra Lite Practitioner and is also a Naturopath and Medical Scientist. With Doreen's experience, she can also address ‘Weight loss stoppers’ such as stress, nutrient imbalances, self-sabotage and hormonal imbalances to ensure the Ultra Lite program works optimally.

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About the Business

Holistic Health’s motto is “Wellness Begins Here”
Our focus in on Fertility support, Weight Loss and Wellness
Our aim is to optimise our client’s health and happiness using targeted nutritional and herbal support, functional diagnostic and genetic testing to uncover the ‘drivers’ behind your health concern.