Ketogenic Life

25/4 Suez Street
Gordon Park 4031


Ian Johnson, Cathy Williams & Julie Brown

Our team comprises Cathy Williams, Julie Brown and Ian Johnson. Cathy brings over twenty years of clinical nursing experience including aged care, general practice, skin cancer medicine and quality assurance. Julie has experience in a variety of medical industry roles including general practice, health screening, psychiatric health and skin cancer. Ian is a GP who is experienced in wholistic general practice, skin cancer medicine and patient education relating to metabolic health. We have each had our own personal low carbohydrate - ketogenic journey, a nutrition based approach to improving our health. We have seen the amazing benefits that this has produced and it is our passionate hope that we can encourage others along this path. The Ultra Lite program provides the right approach, guidance and support to achieve this.

About the Business

We are a part of a medical practice established by Dr Ian Johnson and Cathy Williams over 20 years ago. We have a wholistic, individual approach to the care we provide and pride ourselves on establishing long term relationships with our patients. We were the first practice to offer skin cancer screening and treatments in Queensland in 1997. Our focus is to address the whole patient and to help that person optimise and manage their health. We encourage a low carbohydrate-ketogenic lifestyle with the associated health benefits this brings. You will be supported by a warm and professional team who prides itself on their ability to connect with clients and empower them to take the steps required to optimise their health.


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