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14 Northcote Terrace
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Lynn Riedel

I have been a Naturopath and an Ultra Lite practitioner for 20 years and have helped thousands of people to not only lose weight and improve their health, but also to make the necessary long term changes required to maintain their weight through good long term eating habits. To achieve this, I spend time educating my patients so that they have a clear understanding of the principals involved in eating in such a way to balance metabolic hormones. Essentially, the Ultra Lite program develops good eating habits and promotes an understanding of the use of food as a drug to improve the well being of the body. Common benefits that I see consistently are; greater energy and stamina, markedly reduced inflammation and pain, lowered blood pressure and cholesterol, better sleep, improved mood, cessation of sugar cravings, disappearance of irritable bowel symptoms and less dependence on prescription medication. The health benefits are truly remarkable. I love being able to offer this program to my patients and get such a thrill seeing people take charge of their own health.

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