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Toni Clancy

I believe everyone deserves to wake up feeling energized and have fun throughout their day. I aim to achieve this by sharing a smile, helping you to feel better, helping you to feel good and happy about yourself and helping you fix a problem. When you are happier, you work on  a higher vibration which enables you to attract better things for yourself, therefore creating a better life for you. You will then have a more positive quality of life. Diet and lifestyle choices have the ability to impact your life in a number of ways. When your health suffers there is an imbalance within your body systems. Food is medicine and opting for correct food choices can improve your body systems so they function better. You will also look better, by choosing the correct nutritional plan for you, you will lose that weight that you have had difficulty losing and your skin will shine. Your liver will detox which will reduce those nasty sugar cravings and that lack of energy that you experience daily will disappear. You will want to get up and move around, go for that run or even clean your house! How amazing will that feel! As a Naturopath I believe the natural option is always the best option.

The Ultra Lite program is a proven and successful nutritional program, which doesn’t use alternative food options. This was the main reason as to why I chose to promote and use this program within my clinic. I don’t believe in having to skip meals to lose weight, I believe in whole fresh foods that will provide us with the nutrition we need to feel full and energised and not experience daily cravings as our body will be functioning at its best. This program also comes with me, your Naturopath, someone who will help you through those tough times, someone who understands what it is like to go on various diets that don’t work and make us feel awful. You will also feel more accountable through coming in for weigh ins and regular check-ups. If you feel you are ready to go on a life changing weight loss journey come visit me at one of my clinics in Lilydale and Kilsyth. Appointments can be booked by messaging or phoning.


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