How Can Australia Overcome its Obesity Epidemic?

New statistics from the Australian Beauru of Statistics (ABS) published today in the Sydney Morning Herald, states that “almost half of young adults in Australia are now overweight or obese”.

So how can Australia overcome its obesity epidemic?

As sugar is added to more and more products on our shelves and the complexity of products being manufactured is increasing, trying to eat ‘healthy’ has become a mine field!

What is the answer and how will we as a nation fix this obesity epidemic?

The larger our nation becomes, the bigger the strain on our medical system, as the cases of chronic health conditions such as diabetes, heart disease and stroke rises, all linked to obesity.

While the “Australian Medical Association and Obesity Coalition is calling for the Federal Government to introduce a tax on sugary drinks, mandate health star ratings and crack down on junk food advertising”, the answer may be more simplistic than taxing people for eating the food they like.

Could the answer be better education and Keto?

For over 20 years, Ketogenic lifestyle has been teaching people about the benefits of consuming healthy fats, cutting out sugar and processed carbohydrates from your diet and how to eat a plate full of colour in order to get all the nutrients the body needs. So is educating people about Keto the answer?

By educating young people on how to shop at a supermarket, such as: how to read food labels correctly, which foods should be avoided that are hiding sugars, artificial ingredients and chemicals and what the body needs as fuel for energy (carbohydrates and protein); we can educate people away from an obesity epidemic and back to an understanding that food is fuel, not comfort.

How is Ultra Lite helping?

The Ultra Lite program is a ketogenic weight loss program which focuses on a clean keto approach and has been specifically designed to go hand in hand with weekly visits to a trained, Ultra Lite weight loss nutritional coach who is able to support people on their journey.

Through weekly visits, recipes and information, clients are educated on the connection between the food they eat and their body, and about their own unique relationship with food, which allows them to TAKE CHARGE of their own HEALTH!

With a clean keto diet, a focus on portion control, the support of a trained professional and additional products like Habit Relief to help people who are going through cravings and food withdrawals, the Ultra Lite program ensures that people who complete it not only lose weight, but keep it off as well!

Once in Ketosis, not only do people feel a lot better, they rapidly start to lose weight as the body transitions to converting stored fat for energy instead of relying on food for energy.

Once in ketosis, people experience:

  • Increased energy
  • Better sleep
  • Reduced anxiety symptoms
  • No cravings for sugary foods
  • Weight loss
  • Lower cholesterol
  • Reduced symptoms for Diabetics
  • and many more amazing benefits

Read more information about the health benefits of Keto here.

Is a Clean Keto lifestyle the answer to Australia’s Obesity Epidemic?

While it may not be the whole answer, Keto has a role to play in helping Australian’s to lose weight and get control of our bad relationship with food, however, there is a lot of work ahead to change people’s mindset and understanding about food and what the body needs to feel great every day.

If you would like more information about weight loss and the Ultra Lite program, find your nearest Ultra Lite Practitioner here.

Be a part of the Solution

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