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Meditation and weight loss - Blog

Meditation and Weight Loss

Prolonged periods of mental, emotional and physical stress can cause us to put on weight. Practicing meditation and mindfulness can help with weight loss
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Success Stories

Tina O’Toole

Tina Took up Rock & Roll Dancing After the Ultra Lite Program I had always had a weight problem and thought it was hereditary and I tried all the diets available but with very little success. With Ultra Lite there was no counting calories, no special food to buy and no points program and all Continue Reading

Tina O’Toole

Tammy Lost 20kg in 12wks

I was on the Ultra Lite program for 12 weeks and lost 20 kg.  I now feel energetic and I have even started walking for fun and not just to help me lose weight.  Because the program offers the use of everyday groceries she found that it fitted in well with her lifestyle and family Continue Reading

Tammy Lost 20kg in 12wks

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