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It's never been easier to run your own health and wellness business

When you become an Ultra Lite Practitioner, you are trained on how to support people to lose weight and improve their health on a ketogenic diet, as well as introduced to a well structured and proven business with a strong history of success.
Our Practitioners are provided with meal plans, recipes, manuals and a structure for their clients to follow. We’ve done all the work for you and supply you with all the information and products to set you and your clients up for great results.
Whether you’re thinking of starting your own business or looking to add to your existing business, Ultra Lite is the best option for you and your clients, with achievable weight loss results and an all-inclusive business model. Many of our Practitioners had pre-existing clinics or practices when they purchased a licence and now say that Ultra Lite was one of the best things they did for their business.

Extensive Nutritional Training

All essential and nutritional training on the Ketogenic Diet and implementation of the Ultra Lite Program provided. No nutrition or medical background required.

Products To Get You Started

Initial start up products supplied for your first 3-5 clients to do the Program (depending on the package) plus a discounted wholesale rate on all Ultra Lite products.

Lifetime Training and Support

Ongoing training and support by the experienced Ultra Lite Team in a range of areas, to further develop your skills, and knowledge in health and wellness to grow your business.

Join Supportive Online Community

Exclusively for Licensed Practitioners on Facebook, where you can share ideas and knowledge, ask questions and receive support from other Practitioners who have been running the Ultra Lite Program for many years.

Social Media Marketing Support

Be featured on our social accounts and gain access to our branded content and strategies to support your own channels. Plus receive regular webinars and training focused on online marketing, sales and business development.

Recipes and Weekly Meal Plans

On the Ultra Lite Program, your clients will gain exclusive access to our website with hundreds of delicious easy recipes, as well as weekly Meal Plans, emails, helpful guides, informative blogs, exercises and invited to join Keto Kommunity.

What's Your Career Path?

Whether you’re currently a qualified health practitioner or someone looking for an entirely new career path, Ultra Lite offers a simple and profitable business model that can be incredibly rewarding while supplementing or even replacing your existing income altogether.
Ultra Lite will bring new clientele to your business, looking for weight loss support, which in turn allows your business to attract a new demographic and offer a holistic health approach. We will teach you how to increase your potential client reach in this massive growth industry and position your business to stand out from the competition.
Our Ultra Lite Practitioners come from a variety of fields with different qualifications, experience and background knowledge of keto and nutrition. The following industries can benefit immensely from introducing Ultra Lite to their business:


A structured weight loss and health management program, giving your clients an achievable and measurable program to address weight loss, while continuing to focus on other specific health issues.

Gyms & Personal Trainers

Weight loss is 20% exercise and 80% diet. Open the door to a new cash flow opportunity to target the other 80% with a proven weight loss program to build your clients confidence and improve their health.


Gain credibility with customers by offering a proven fee for service program in the weight management category and differentiate your business from other Pharmacies. Reduce customers medications and increase loyalty.

Chiro, Osteo & Physio Clinics

Be the point of difference and provide your patients a complete holistic health and wellness solution, and bring about better, long lasting lifestyle changes for your patients.

Alternative Medicine

Become a truly complete holistic practitioner with a proven weight loss program that focuses on whole body transformation for long term lifestyle results. Improving not only body, but mind, sleep and wellness.

Career Change

Anyone can become an Ultra Lite Practitioner, regardless of your previous career path. The only prerequisite is having a passion for health and a desire for helping people change their life.

Health Food Stores

Selling products is one thing. Develop a proven fee for service for clients with a model that will bring more opportunities and longer term relationships with clientele. Stand out in your industry.

Day & Medi Spas

Our philosophy is to improve clients' overall health: mind and body. Diet and nutrition are essential for our bodies, with weight loss being just one part. Help your clients to achieve total wellness, starting with good nutrition..

Are you ready to become an Ultra Lite Practitioner?

Looking to upskill in one of the world's largest growth sectors and become a trained weight loss professional, or you're a current health practitioner looking to expand and attract more clients, while adding more value to your current clients.

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What Is The Ultra Lite Keto Program?

Founded in 1999 by a Naturopath, this family owned and run program over the last 20 years has helped over 500,000 people in 3 different countries to improve their health and wellbeing by following a ‘clean’ ketogenic approach to diet.

Ultra Lite focuses on eating fresh whole foods with a moderate amount of proteins and a range of low-carb vegetables, satisfying the body’s need for both amino acids and micronutrients. In our Program, we combine these foods with our range of keto friendly drink-based supplements to help curb cravings and stay in ketosis long term.

Clients on the Ultra Lite Program are provided with weekly meal plans, delicious easy to follow recipes, all required products and supplements, and weekly consultations with their Practitioner to keep them on track and supported to ensure success.

Did you know the Ultra Lite Program is backed by the major health funds? Your clients can receive health fund rebates for completing the Ultra Lite Program with you as an Ultra Lite Practitioner.

Hear From Some Of Our Ultra Lite Practitioners

We spoke to some of our Practitioners recently to hear how the Ultra Lite Program has assisted their business. No matter the industry, our Practitioners all agree that Ultra Lite has improved their businesses client reach, client outcomes and revenue. See interviews below with Personal Trainer Angela Larose, Naturopath Renece Lovett, Pharmacy owner Joanne Jennings and Career Change Practitioner, Joanne Livingstone.

Personal Trainers

Ultra Lite offers a genuine structured ketogenic weight loss Program that works hand in hand with fitness programs, to offer the best weight loss results, for minimum additional outlay for you.

"It's increased my cash flow; it's been tremendous for that. Some clients come in and just want Ultra Lite. The majority of my clientele is now referral-based.  So there's no hard sell, you’ve just got to present it and show them the fact that this Program works. "

Angela Larose Essential Body PT


This Program is ideal for Naturopaths, Nutritionists and any Practitioners working out of a Natural Health Clinic as it fits in perfectly to your practice and allows you to still be eligible for Private Health Fund rebates.

" I didn't expect the Ultra Lite Program to be this successful. It's been absolutely phenomenal, and has really taken my business to the next level. It's now 70-80% of all of the clientele that I see. "

Renece Lovett Laurimar Health & Wellbeing Centre


Ultra Lite offers a genuine fee for service model for your pharmacy, bringing clients in for weekly consultations throughout a 5 or 10 week Program, which can be run by your Pharmacy Assistants, increasing your overall revenue.

" A normal customer will come in and purchase their medications and other over the counter products, while an Ultra Lite customer will bring in the program cost, and it's not uncommon they will pick up other items and scripts as well."

Jo Jennings Piggotts Pharmacy

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Frequently Asked Questions


You will receive exclusive training, a website profile, receive marketing support and leads. Become a part of a well known, proven weight loss brand with 21 years experience in the industry, that will support you to achieve maximum results, and help to stand out from other businesses.


When you sign up as an Ultra Lite Practitioner, you receive everything you need to become a Practitioner including essential training, product starter pack, a profile on our website and more depending on the package you choose. See the packages table above for more information..


Becoming an Ultra Lite Practitioner provides you with a dedicated practice area, all the training and tools you need to run a structured weight loss program, without the cost of a regular franchise price. If you are interested and would like to learn more, please see the packages table above, and book in a call.


Yes! Ultra Lite is a proven system which easily and effectively ties in to existing business models, or as a stand alone business, which will set you apart from your competitors. Ultra Lite is structured to provide you with minimum time spent, for maximum income potential.


Getting into Ketosis is a calculated process which incorporates a balance of carb and protein to enter into ketosis safely. Once in ketosis, Ultra Lite Practitioners support clients to stay on track and lose weight safely. The Ultra Lite Program is structured to help Practitioners support clients for maximum results, under a guided program. Ultra Lite focuses on real food, no meal replacements, and no diet pills, teaching people about nutrition and long term health results, instead of solely focusing on weight loss.


The work needed to develop a program like Ultra Lite is time consuming and costly. Ultra Lite has proven itself to be able to support people with various health conditions and is a well known brand in the weight loss industry. Ultra Lite has done all the hard work for you, delivering a complete program package ready to go with meal plans, recipes, supplementary products and a structured program to provide you with maximum leverage for minimum time. A complete weight loss solution for your clients which also allows for Health Fund rebates.


As an Ultra Lite Practitioner, we will provide you with the following programs to run with your clients: 5 Week Weight Loss Program; 10 Week Weight Loss Program; 3 Week Detox Program; and Lifetime Maintenance Program. These programs have been structured for your clients to achieve their weight loss goals, while teaching your clients better eating principles for lifelong health results.


Ultra Lite does not use meal replacements. The Program is based on fresh whole foods. Ultra Lite does include 10g drink sachets, which are taken either in between or during meals 4 times a day. These sachets contain necessary vitamins, minerals and amino acids to promote optimum health while on a ketogenic diet.


The Ultra Lite Program has a defined structure for clients, that’s easy to follow and monitor by you as a Practitioner. All elements needed to succeed are provided including recipe book and manual, weekly meal plans, proprietary supplementary products and weekly consultations with you as their Practitioner to keep them on track and achieving great results. On average, people on the Ultra Lite Program lose up to 10 kgs in 5 weeks (men lose more). Clients can also receive Health Fund rebates for seeing you as a Practitioner.


With over 21 years of research and delivering the Ultra Lite Program, we have established a clean Keto format, focusing on moderate protein and complex carbs, for optimum weight loss results. Using fresh whole foods, clients learn the nutritional value of food and understand the benefits of making better food choices. Ultra Lite is a sustainable program where people find they feel better sooner, see weight loss results faster and maintain their improvements long term.


Ultra Lite is a complete Program, which includes systems to track your clients weight loss and Ketosis readings, to easily monitor your clients week on week, and allow you to make corrections and see how to help your client achieve maximum results.