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Ultra Lite + is our online subscription for full membership access to our website!

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Ultra Lite + is our online subscription for full membership access to our website!

The Ultra Lite clean keto program focuses on fresh whole foods with moderate proteins and complex carbs, while removing processed foods and sugar from our diet. Sugar and processed foods are hard for the body to digest, resulting in weight gain and health problems. A ketogenic diet helps to detoxify the body so it can work more efficiently, processing the foods we consume into energy without turning into fat stores in the body.
Our clean keto diet has not only helped many of our members to lose weight, but also to improve health issues, boost energy levels, feel less bloated, balance mood and improve sleep. Our Ultra Lite + members receive full access to the following:

Meal Plans with Shopping Lists

A variety of Meal Plans with shopping lists, accommodating for seasonal and food requirements; Autumn, Winter, Spring, Vegetarian & Pescatarian.

Clean Keto Recipes

Hundreds of delicious clean keto recipes, with new ones added every month. The protein serves and carbs per serving already calculated for you.

Exclusive Health & Lifestyle Blogs

Exclusive members only blogs on a range of health and lifestyle topics, written by health experts and our very own Ultra Lite Practitioners.

Private Facebook Group

Access to our private Facebook group 'Keto Kommunity'; a safe space to find motivation and support from other members and UL Practitioners.

Featured Practitioners

A new featured Practitioner each month sharing their knowledge, tips and support in their areas of expertise including naturopathy, nutrition and personal training.

Members Only Emails

Bi-monthly UL+ members only emails featuring new recipes and blogs, as well as guides to help you on Keto and special offers!

See what others have to say about Ultra Lite:

Ultra Lite is different from other weight loss programs as we have well structured meal plans with calculated nutrition, made from clean keto recipes using fresh, whole foods.

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About Ultra Lite

Founded in 1999 by a Naturopath, this family owned and run program has helped over 500,000 people in 3 different countries to improve their health and wellbeing by following a ‘clean’ ketogenic approach to diet.

Ultra Lite focuses on eating fresh whole foods with a moderate amount of proteins and a range of low-carb vegetables, satisfying the body’s need for both amino acids and micronutrients.