We’ve been changing lives for over 20 years, in 4 different countries

The Ultra Lite program is incredibly successful and that’s partly because it’s a practitioner based program that’s been taught to health and wellness professionals like pharmacists, naturopaths, personal trainers and nutritionists for use with their clients.

By having professional support throughout their programs, clients in Australia, New Zealand, and the USA have achieved incredible results (while staying on track). And it all comes down to good food and regular practitioner support.


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Current Clients



Successful Clients

Meet some of our amazing practitioners

We currently have a team of over 100+ practitioners from Australia, New Zealand

Toni Clancy


A new Ultra Lite Practitioner from Lift Naturopathy in Lilydale, Vic who integrates Ultra Lite and multiple other modalities into her clinic to ensure you reach your health goals.

Renece Lovett Laurimar Health & Wellbeing Centre

Renece Lovett


Another new addition to the Ultra Lite team, and already Changing So many lives! She is a passionate Naturopath working out of Laurimar Health & Wellbeing Centre.

Lynn Riedel


Working out of South Australia at
Lynn is one of our longest-standing practitioners, helping her clients balance metabolic hormones.

Meet The Ultra Lite Team.

Malcolm Mclean

Malcolm Mclean

Chief Executive Officer

I have had a passion for health after facing many health challenges throughout my life. This helped me to understand that most health issues facing us today are linked to the foods we eat and that I desperately needed to make some changes.
This led me to creating Ultra Lite, a Ketogenic Weight & Health Management program dedicated to assisting those wishing to reduce weight and reclaim their health and make the lifestyle changes necessary to improve their overall well-being.

Caitlin Mclean

Chief Marketing Officer

Caitlin Mclean is a Single mother, and balances her time between studying to become a naturopath, and curating rich and engaging online content for Ultra Lite; utilizing her years of experience as a photographer and an eye for design she has successfully overseen the complete rebrand and revamp of our online space.

Dariane Mclean

Dariane Mclean

Chief People Officer (CPO)



Ledia Daniel

Business Development and Marketing Manager

Over the past 20 years Ledia has been working in the Medical Industry managing several Medical Centres and developing business growth. She has a Degree in Acupuncture and Remedial Massage and a MBA in Marketing.


Gina Aarons

Orders & Dispatch


What Our Clients Have to Say



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