What’s Included

Dedicated Area to practise as a Ultra Lite consultant

Extensive Nutritional training (no nutrition background required) on the Ketogenic Diet and implementation of the Ultra Lite Programs

Ongoing Support and Training by the Experienced Ultra Lite Team in a range of areas, to further develop your skills and knowledge in health and wellness and grow your business.

Join an online community exclusively for Licensed Practitioners on Facebook, where you can share ideas, knowledge and ask questions from Practitioners who have been running the Ultra Lite program for many years.

Initial start up products for your first 5 clients, plus a discounted rate on all Ultra Lite products.

Access to ready-made templates and Social Media marketing strategies, as well as access to our regular Webinars focusing on the areas of online Marketing, Sales and Business development.

Meal plans, recipes, weekly guides, and exercises are all available to access for your clients on the program with a simple click.

For over 20 years, Ultra Lite Practitioners have provided one on one support for people who want to lose weight and follow a clean Keto diet, resulting in long term weight loss success.

Medical Practice Ready-Made Keto Solutions

Join our group of medical practices that have implemented the Ultra Lite Program and see amazing results and business growth

Incredibly, we came across a ready-made solution. The Ultra Lite program had enough history and experience behind it to give us the confidence to implement it in our practice. Ultra Lite provides a structured method of achieving good health and weight loss (with additional maintenance options). It also teaches patients to prepare real low carb food. Even more importantly, Ultra Lite uses the ketogenic pathway to achieve this!

– Ian, Medical Doctor, and Cathy and Julie, Ultra Lite Practitioners at Ketogenic Life Medical Centre.

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One of our Naturopathic practitioners Karina Francois from Infinite Health Practice, spoke about her experience with the Ultra Lite Program in her clinic.

“Once you learn the program it’s so easy to transfer it across into your Naturopathic consultations, or if you want to run a weight loss program. It’s user friendly, it’s easy for us and for the person on the program.”

Karina is an international author, entrepreneur, leading health expert, Naturopath, has been an Ultra Lite Practitioner since 2011 and has found the Ultra Lite program an effective and simple way to introduce Keto to her clients.

We asked Karina why she chose Ultra Lite to offer in her clinic.

“I was after a program that taught my clients good clean food choices, a program that helped them feel great and had an added bonus of helping them drop kilos. Ultra Lite is not just a weight loss program, it’s a lifestyle change.”

“Ultra Lite works every time, no matter how metabolically resistant someone has been, I find it works. Ultra Lite is fantastic and I wouldn’t choose any other program to have in my clinic.”

Karina Francois

Ultra Lite is not just a weight loss program. It is a structured Ketogenic health program with over 20 years of success, built on proven science.

If you want to become an Ultra Lite Practitioner, get in touch below to find out more.

Easy to Follow

Following the Ultra Lite Program is easy for your Clients. Ultra Lite provides pre-made meal plans, a structured program, recipe books, planned programs, and weekly Practitioner consultations for support and guidance.

Fat-burn Quickly!

Getting into Ketosis is made simple on Ultra Lite. Ensuring the body is naturally prioritising fat burning and ketones for energy.

Will Ultra Lite Work for your Business

If you would like to know the impact Clean Keto could have on your practise,
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Why Choose Ultra Lite
For Your Practice

Ultra Lite is a research-based ketogenic diet
It’s based on the clean keto philosophy
It is a weight loss program that gets quick and proven results
A complete holistic approach to healthy weight loss and lifestyle change
There are health fund rebates available

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