Frequently Asked Questions

Women can lose up to 10kg on a 5 week program and men can lose up to 15kg on a 5 week program with Ultra Lite.

By losing weight through Natural Ketosis, your metabolism will control the rate of your weight loss and will not let you lose more than what your body can handle.

The Ultra Lite Sachets your practitioner provides you with are not a meal replacement, but are to help keep you feeling satisfied between meals. Each Sachet contains vitamins, minerals and amino acids (protein). Each sachet is approximately equivalent to a glass of whole milk without the fat and lactose content. They are there to maintain blood sugar levels and alleviate cravings.

All of our sachets are Gluten Free (except Chicken sachet), contain minimal lactose and a whey protein, making them suitable for most people to be able to consume the sachets. If you have allergy concerns, please speak to your Ultra Lite Practitioner about any allergies.

No, you shouldn’t be hungry when on the Ultra Lite Program.
We provide you with 4 sachets a day to drink in between meals to stop snacking and help you to feel fuller for longer. By entering Ketosis naturally, the body will burn fat stores, reducing the need to eat food for energy.

No. Ultra Lite focuses on eating real foods from all five food groups, while removing high processed foods and sugar. We do have a nutritional supplement which is taken with water, 4 times a day that is designed to provide a person with all of the vitamins and minerals they need to help balance blood sugar levels. Ultra Lite does not endorse the use of meal replacements.

Ultra Lite is a family friendly diet and the recipes are easily adaptable for multiple family members. There are no meal replacements, meaning your family can eat the same meals you are eating.

Keto Flu is a state the body enters when the body is adjusting to burning fat stores in the body. Keto Flu is most common when people eat a ‘dirty’ keto diet.

Due to the Vitamins contained in the Ultra Lite Sachets, and because Ultra Lite is based on a ‘Clean’ Keto diet, people on Ultra Lite generally have very mild or no Keto Flu symptoms.

On the Ultra Lite program, the body Natural enters a state of dietary ketosis. This is a natural, safe and effective method of losing weight. When the body is in ketosis, you will not feel hungry, as the body will be burning stored fat for energy, requiring less food.

If your high blood pressure is related to weight, then doing Ultra Lite will help to lower blood pressure. 
When completing the Ultra Lite Program with a qualified practitioner, they will support you with regular monitoring of your blood pressure to assist you, especially if you are taking blood pressure medications.

Yes, we have the 3 Week Detox and Weight Loss Program which has been designed for people who only need to lose less than 5 kg. This involves a set menu for 3 weeks and is a great detox for the whole body.

Firstly, congratulations! Keto is not recommended to pregnant women as their dietary requirements are different while pregnant. It is recommended that pregnant women wait until after giving birth and once they’ve finished breastfeeding to commence a Ketogenic diet.

No, Breastfeeding women have different dietary requirements and going on a Keto diet can affect both milk quality and milk supply. It is recommended that women wait until after breastfeeding to commence a Ketogenic diet.

No, Keto focuses on losing fat, while maintaining muscle mass. Muscle mass tests done of clients on the Ultra Lite program, both before and after completion have shown no loss of muscle mass on the program.

Yes! Keto is a safe and healthy diet with proven health benefits. To find out who is and is not recommended for a Ketogenic diet, click here /what-is-the-keto-diet/

No. Once the body enters a state of Ketosis, most people report having clearer skin. This is caused by the decreased load on the liver, along with improved detoxification, and a balancing of oil production on the skin from an increase in healthy fats in the diet (omega 3s). <br>By removing many foods that cause acne (such as processed carbohydrates and sugar) as seen in a ketogenic diet, there is a greater potential for a reduction in acne breakouts.

No. Alcohol has a very high carbohydrate value and any intake at all will be detrimental to your weight loss results. Therefore, we recommend you do not drink alcohol while on the Ultra Lite program.

It is recommended to cut out caffeine from your diet while completing Ultra Lite, as caffeine can affect insulin levels and might disrupt glucose metabolism, affecting ketosis


Yes. People with Thyroid problems can do Ultra Lite. Please tell your practitioner when starting out about your Thyroid problems, including if you are on any medication so we can track your thyroid and advise if you need to go back to your GP to have your thyroid re-tested.

This program is completely safe for Type 1 or Type 2 diabetics. However, there are a few things that your consultant will advise you to do differently so you must discuss this with your consultant at the beginning of your program.

Absolutely! You can still go out for dinner while on the Ultra Lite program, we recommend picking a Keto friendly meal, asking for no dressing on salads and sticking to water. Stay clear of fried foods.

While exercise is good for you, it is not compulsory to exercise while on the Ultra Lite program. The results that people achieve on Ultra Lite are results from the diet alone, not from exercise. We however recommend 30 mins of light to moderate exercise a day to remain active and also increase your weight loss results.

No. Ultra Lite is a moderate Protein, complex carbs program, focusing on whole foods, while removing processed foods and sugars from the diet. The protein recommended while on the Ultra Lite Program is in line with the World Health Organisation guidelines.

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