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Pan-Fried Tofu with Cabbage Salad

Yields1 Serving

Pan-Fried Tofu with Cabbage Salad

 100 g Nigari Hard Tofu
 1 tbsp Fresh Lemon Grass, Finely Chopped
 1 Pod Fresh Red Chilli, Sliced Thinly
 40 g Ren Onion, Sliced Thinly
 100 g Bean Sprouts
 120 g Chinese Cabbage, Shredded
 4 Sprigs Fresh Coriander Leaves
 15 ml Flaxseed Oil
 15 ml Apple Cider Vinegar

Slice tofu and pat dry with absorbent paper.


Spray fry pan with cooking spray and cook tofu until browned on both sides.


Place lemon grass, chilli, onion, sprouts, cabbage and coriander in a bowl and toss gently to combine.


Pour over combined flaxseed oil and apple cider vinegar and top with tofu.

Nutrition Facts

Protein Serves 1

Servings 1