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Meet Ultra Lite Practitioner Lynn Riedel

Toni Clancy is a firm believer that everyone deserves to wake up feeling energised. She wants her clients, her family, her friends and herself to experience life at its greatest potential – at a higher positive vibration that enables us to attract better things and live our best life.

For Toni, The Ultra Lite program allows her clients to do just that. She views food as medicine and believes we can opt-in for the correct food choices that will allow our body’s systems to function better, look better and feel better.

“A lot of people are aware of what they should be eating but they’re not fully aware of how their internal systems and mental health systems play a huge part in that,” says Toni. Many of her clients come to see her at her clinic, LIFT Naturopathy, after doctors have told them there is nothing wrong with them.

“As a naturopath, I can accurately assess the imbalances in the body’s systems. The benefit of aligning naturopathy with the Ultra Lite program means that once we do this, the weight begins to drop off.” 

Says Toni

Toni discovered Ultra Lite when she conducted rigorous research into different weight loss programs in search of a successful one that was more than just a shake diet or a quick fix. “I investigated a lot of different programs and Ultra Lite really aligned with my values as a practitioner. I like the idea that this is a lifestyle change and we’re training people on how to eat appropriately for themselves.”

Through Ultra Lite, Toni teaches her clients about the importance of healing from the inside out. “Most of my clients come to see me for weight loss. One big part of this program is assessing what’s going on in the body – as there’s usually a good reason for why someone is carrying extra weight.”

It’s not only about losing weight though. Toni helps her clients learn how eating the right foods can impact our brain function, too.

“So many people don’t understand how much our diet can affect our mental health – the nutrients we get through our food is so important for nourishing the brain. If we’re not providing that nourishment and appropriate level of nutrients, then our brains and bodies won’t function properly. That’s when we experience brain fog and feelings of depression and anxiety.”

Benefits aside, one of the hardest parts of the healing process is maintaining the lifestyle change. When many people go on a diet, it only takes a few weeks until they become tired of it – and lose energy, effort, self-control and willpower. One of the main components of Toni’s utilisation of the Ultra Lite program is the ongoing support and motivation she provides for all of her clients.

“So many people don’t understand how much our diet can affect our mental health ” 

Says Toni

“When you’re seeing a practitioner, you have accountability each week and someone to talk to. There’s counselling in what I do with my clients. We’re not just saying, “here, eat this”, you’re getting a huge level of support so that can help you break the vicious cycle that you’re on,” says Toni.

“Maintaining it is often the hardest part. As soon as something goes wrong in someone’s life, so many people revert back to eating bad food. We need to coach them through it because it’s a very slippery slope.”

All you need to do is hear the stories of Toni’s clients to witness the many long-term successes.

“Anyone who uses this program drastically loses weight,” she says. One of her clients this year came to her after following a ketogenic diet, sticking to it by the book. “For someone like her who was over 100kg who was adopting a great program like the keto diet, you’d expect her to be losing 2-3kg per week.” Toni’s client was exercising and eating well but was getting frustrated at the slow process.

“Once we put her on the Ultra Lite program and I embedded my naturopathic knowledge and looked into why her body was holding onto that weight, everything changed. We did body assessments, blood tests and more and I was able to treat her nutrition deficiencies among other things. Now she’s looking like a million bucks.”

According to Toni, her client was jumping on and off the scales constantly one day because she thought they must be broken. She couldn’t believe the transformative impact of working with Toni.

“Her life has changed and she’s glowing now,” Toni says.

Toni Clancy is an Ultra Lite Practitioner located in Lilydale, Victoria.
To find out more about Toni and get in touch with her about the Ultra Lite program, Visit her profile on our website.

The Ultra Lite program is a complete lifestyle change. Start transforming your life today on the ketogenic program which has helped more than 500,000 people not only lose weight but improved their health and happiness.

We currently have a network of over 100 practitioners who, like Toni Clancy, are here to support you on the Ultra Lite program.

Toni Clancy Lift Naturopathy

Toni Clancy


I believe everyone deserves to wake up feeling energized and have fun throughout their day. I aim to achieve this by sharing a smile, helping you to feel better, helping you to feel good and happy about yourself and helping you fix a problem. When you are happier, you work on  a higher vibration which enables you to attract better things for yourself, therefore creating a better life for you. You will then have a more positive quality of life. Diet and lifestyle choices have the ability to impact your life in a number of ways. When your health suffers there is an imbalance within your body systems. Food is medicine and opting for correct food choices can improve your body systems so they function better. You will also look better, by choosing the correct nutritional plan for you, you will lose that weight that you have had difficulty losing and your skin will shine. Your liver will detox which will reduce those nasty sugar cravings and that lack of energy that you experience daily will disappear. You will want to get up and move around, go for that run or even clean your house! How amazing will that feel! As a Naturopath I believe the natural option is always the best option.
The Ultra Lite program is a proven and successful nutritional program, which doesn’t use alternative food options. This was the main reason as to why I chose to promote and use this program within my clinic. I don’t believe in having to skip meals to lose weight, I believe in whole fresh foods that will provide us with the nutrition we need to feel full and energised and not experience daily cravings as our body will be functioning at its best. This program also comes with me, your Naturopath, someone who will help you through those tough times, someone who understands what it is like to go on various diets that don’t work and make us feel awful. You will also feel more accountable through coming in for weigh ins and regular check-ups. If you feel you are ready to go on a life changing weight loss journey come visit me at one of my clinics in Lilydale and Kilsyth. Appointments can be booked by messaging or phoning.

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