How the Ultra Lite Ketogenic Program has assisted grow our Medical Practice

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We started our own ketogenic diet journey of discovery almost four years ago.


After much reading and research, we decided to implement a ketogenic diet program ourselves. Soon after, we found our health dramatically improving; transforming our lives and overall health.


We then began to realise that this diet could also help many of our patients. Despite our enthusiasm, a very disappointing number of patients took up the diet. This low uptake was very disheartening - at both a professional and personal level. However, the impact of the ketogenic diet on long-term health was incredible. This made it impossible, for us, as medical professionals, to ignore it.


This year, incredibly, we came across a ready-made solution - the Ultra Lite program. The Ultra Lite program had enough history and experience behind it to give us the confidence to implement it in our practice. Ultra Lite provides a structured method of achieving good health and weight loss (with additional maintenance options). It also teaches patients to prepare real low carb food. Even more importantly, Ultra Lite uses the ketogenic pathway to achieve this!


Thus far, we have been extremely impressed with the success we are achieving!


From personal success to business growth


We have now recruited a couple of dozen patients, who have been very accepting of the Ultra Lite system. Many of which have quite complex medical conditions, without exception, have entered into ketosis quickly and easily following the Ultra Lite program. They all say that they have more mental clarity, plenty of energy and no longer suffer hunger pangs or cravings on the program. As well as this, they feel much better and their biochemical markers such as insulin and HBA1c have improved dramatically. We've even had an insulin dependent diabetic respond so well to the program, that she has been able to stop her insulin after four weeks!


We can't wait to grow our Ultra Lite client base even further, and help others regain their heath.



Ian, Medical Doctor, and Cathy and Julie, Ultra Lite Practitioners at Ketogenic Life Medical Centre.


Find out more about Ketogenic Life here or, find more about how you can become an Ultra Lite practitioner by clicking here.